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A Drill, a primary source of necessary ores.

Drills are functional structures in Kingdoms.


The Drill is crafted with a total of 96 Oak Logs, 64 Stone, 16 White Wool, 1 Diamond Pickaxe, 32 Andesite, and a Building Permit. These ingredients are input in a Site Planner by the player.


Mines generate a large Andesite drill, housed in a large structure made mostly of Oak Logs, with White Wool to cancel out the hypothetical sound of the drill.

The Drill recipe in a site planner

At noon each in-game day, every Drill will deposit underground resources into the collection chest inside the structure. These items vary in probability and quantity. The chest may fill with between 1-3 different items from this list. In order from most to least likely:

This structure was added as a primary supply for Iron Ore, in preparation for 1.17's changes to ore distribution and discovery.