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A Lumber Mill, often one of the first structures players build in Kingdoms.

Lumber Mills are functional structures in Kingdoms.


The Lumber Mill is crafted with a total of 32 Oak Logs, 16 Stone, 8 Iron Ingots, 1 Crafting Table, 1 Water Bucket, and a Building Permit. These ingredients are input in a Site Planner by the player. The Water Bucket is completely consumed.

The Lumber Mill recipe in a Site Planner.


Lumber Mills generate with a Lumberer, an invulnerable, motionless Villager who can trade Oak Logs for Gold Ingots and vice versa, as well as exchange other Log types for Oak Logs.

At noon each in-game day, every Lumber Mill will produce 12 Oak Logs, to be sent to the Settler's Wagon, or 24 Oak Logs sent to the Resource Silo if one exists.