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A Resource Silo, a resource management structure in Kingdoms.

Resource Silos are functional structures in Kingdoms.


The Resource Silo is crafted with a total of 128 Oak Logs, 128 Stone, 6 Chests, 4 Hoppers, 32 Redstone Dust, and a Building Permit. These ingredients are input in a Site Planner by the player.

The Resource Silo recipe in a Site Planner.


After a Resource Silo is built, Mines and Lumber Mills will send their Stone and Oak Logs to the Silo rather than the Settler's Wagon, allowing the Hoppers at the wagon to be destroyed if the player chooses. Additionally, Resource Silos double the yield from each Mine and Lumber Mill from 12 to 24. This effect does not stack for each additional Resource Silo; when a new Silo is built, the old one becomes defunct. However, this mechanic can be used to turn old Silos into bulk storage for other items.

The Resource Silo can store up to 3 Double Chests, 1 Barrel, and 5 Hoppers worth of full stacks of items., for a total of 214 full stacks. Lamps on the front and back indicate how many Double Chests have items in them, and more can be loaded manually from the upper sides.